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Playit stopping

Hello Does anybody have issues with playit stopping, this mainly occurs over night when its left to it's own devices. I have clocks that run overnight the tracks push it over the hour with a fixed time marker for the next hour so no reason it should do this. Any ideas Gaz

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We have the same problem. PlayIt has stopped 2 times, both of the times around noon on friday. It is running 24/7.. 

I caught it in the act playing up yesterday, it looked like it paused the track 

Hello we have the same problem indeed the night at the beginning, we installed the new version that does not change anything. The software also stops during the day (2 times even a day)!

Hello we have the same problem, have installed the latest version it does not change Anything. The software stops and even twice a day!

Any number of genuine reasons could cause this issue. 

Are you running any remote URLs? 

Are you running any excessively long tracks that exceed an hour?

Are you running playout policies that could be restricting playout because PlayIt Live ran out of tracks it could choose from?  

Are you connecting to the machine via remote desktop - this can cause Windows to drop the audio device and stop playout.

Please post screenshots at the point when it stopped.


could you help us, PlayIt stopped every day and we don't understand why ?

ex today at 16h

this is the log



(8.58 MB)

Hi Eric,

I notice that around the 4pm hour you are using a fixed time marker with a tolerance. Please try removing the tolerance to see if this resolves the issue.

yes but this day we have the same at 4h20

(4.4 MB)

and the same pb this day at 10h51

(5.06 MB)
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