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No sound or not much sound in new beta version


Hi Jason,

I get no sound on some previously working sound-cards. I have 4 different ones and only one is still working in the new beta PlayIt. The sound-cards work in windows but not PlayIt.

The working one is a generic usb one. The non working ones are a C-media usb, on board Soundmax and an old Soundblaster. They all worked in the non beta version and they still work with the stand alone Cartwall.



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Hi Duncan,

Thank you for your message. The audio engine was revamped to make way for the ability to create a final mix that can be recorded or streamed. Clearly something has caused some of the audio devices to misbehave.

I would appreciate it if you could you send me your data and logs - you can do this by running this tool on your PlayIt Live computer:

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to send me your data.



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