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No sound or not much sound in new beta version


Hi Jason,

I get no sound on some previously working sound-cards. I have 4 different ones and only one is still working in the new beta PlayIt. The sound-cards work in windows but not PlayIt.

The working one is a generic usb one. The non working ones are a C-media usb, on board Soundmax and an old Soundblaster. They all worked in the non beta version and they still work with the stand alone Cartwall.



(18.3 KB)

Hi Duncan,

Thank you for your message. The audio engine was revamped to make way for the ability to create a final mix that can be recorded or streamed. Clearly something has caused some of the audio devices to misbehave.

I would appreciate it if you could you send me your data and logs - you can do this by running this tool on your PlayIt Live computer:

Simply follow the onscreen instructions to send me your data.



Hi Jason,

                   I just installed Playit live and am also not getting any sound.


                 Dave -


Assuming you have selected a suitable sound output for each of the players in "settings" you should get sound.

From my experience on various hardware, generally any "no sound" or "not playing" issues eventually prove to be sound card or driver related.

There are a number of places to set sound cards (as PlayIt Live allows for sounds to go to different outputs to allow for mixers etc.) but assuming you are using "Live Assist" set the outputs there.

Start out with selecting the "normal" output of the computer then work up to any other sound cards you have.


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