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I broke two Filtered Track Groups

Hey everyone,

Just thought you would like to know this: Filtered Track Groups do not appreciate being created after just loading a few thousand tracks into the database. The program will hang, and after being forcedly closed the newly created filter groups will not show up in the settings screen:

It is also not possible to remove the vanished items by clicking on where the red delete button is supposed to be, or by using the Delete button on the keyboard.

Interestingly, the groups (G1 & G2) do show up (but do not function) elsewhere in the program:

Two questions:
  1. How do I get rid of the broken groups?
  2. How can I make sure the program does not hang again?

Hi Daan,

I have just tried to replicate your problem but have been unable to (version 1.08 (build 805). At the top of the post you mention having trouble creating Filtered track groups, and then go on to mention Grouped track groups. Which type is problematic?

I'm not sure if removing the broken groups is possible without a new version of the software which I should be able to provide on we have determined the root cause.

I am suspecting the problem is being caused by a circular reference to another grouped track group which is causing the track group to not display correctly.


Hey Jason,

I'm also using version 1.08 build 805.

Sorry about my messy writing earlier, it was around half past two in the morning, haha ;-)
The problems arose after creating a new Filtered Track Group, with its criteria set to match a few thousand songs. (In this case: all songs between 1990 and 2000, for example.) The program immediately froze after that, at which point I forcedly closed the program and reloaded it.

Interestingly, after this incident I cannot get any Filtered Track Group working. Even a brand new group with criteria matching just a few songs will not display or play.
As far as I know, I haven't created a circular reference to a Grouped Track Group -- I haven't actually created one of those.

Is it maybe possible to open the SQLite database in some kind of editor, and remove the Filtered Track Groups by hand? The program is kind of... useless right now.



Hi Daan,

I'll try creating a filter like yours and see what happens.

You can edit the SQLite database using SQLiteStudio. I'd recommend closing PlayIt Live before editing and backing up the playitlive.db file. 

In SQLiteStudio, click the pencil icon to create a query, for example:

SELECT * FROM Objects WHERE Type = 'TrackGroup' AND XML LIKE "%<track group name>%"

which should find all track groups with the XML serialisation containing the name of your track group. Once you have verified this is track group you want to delete, change the query to:

DELETE FROM Objects WHERE Type = 'TrackGroup' AND XML LIKE "%<track group name>%"

If you aren't comfortable executing queries yourself, please email the playitlive.db to and I can repair it for you.

Kind regards,


I have the same problem of 2 "invisible" groups after some ill thought through filter experiments.

No big issue as I'm probably going to start again with a more appropriate music library once I've finished messing around (AKA experimenting) on my netbook but it would be good if this were fixed (or at least they were deletable) on the next release.

Hi Mark,

I did fix some filter issues with track groups in the latest beta version of PlayIt Live (1.09). You can try this out here: (Download Beta).

Let me know if this resolves the problem.




Sadly, the current beta (1-09.1.1003) does not allow previously "invisible" groups to be seen or deleted.


Hi Mark: I have created a support ticket for this to resolve the issue.

I am totally unable to create a filtered track group. As soon as created the system goes to error and shuts down. Any ideas?

Hi Adam,

Have you submitted an error report for this?

Kind regards,


Yes, I did. There are a couple of areas in the software where I have had the same issue....I am now just concious of them and avoid using those areas while streaming local!

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