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Drag and Drop - Windows 10, a few other issues

I tested PlayitLive a few months ago but then had to put things on hold and uninstalled the software. That was with Windows 8.1. I've now reinstalled after upgrading to Windows 10 and my settings (song file folders, etc) have been restored (must have gotten it from the registry possibly?). There seems to be an issue with drag and drop in Windows 10 that has to do with UAC - User Account Controls. Unless it is turned off drag and drop doesn't work with a lot of software including PlayItLive. I can't get any tracks into the main window. Is there any other way to import songs into the main window?

Also, can I import a playlist?

And lastly, some songs in my library are not displaying the artist and title, just the file name.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :)

There is an issue (by design) with Windows UAC where you cannot drag and drop from non-administrator Windows Explorer to a program running under Administrator - i.e. UAC.

Are you running the latest version of PlayIt Live? There was an issue with the setup where if you ran directly from the setup then you would be in Administrator mode and therefore be unable to drag and drop from Windows Explorer until you restarted PlayIt Live.

There was also an issue with an older version of PlayIt Live where the artist and title did not get read in properly and so displayed the filename instead.


Thanks Jason. I uninstalled the program and any residual files and did a clean re-install using the ltstest version and now drag and drop works!

On the issue of the file names - I name my files as a number, for example if  771.wav is Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks -  It lists the title as 771 with all other info omitted. For some reason it is not grabbing the artist and title contained within the file.  I think my files have tags of the sort APEv2 but some might be ID3v2 as some will display the Artist, but for the title show the file name instead of the artist.


Hi Aaron,

Glad to hear the drag and drop issue was resolved with the latest version.

I have to say that I haven't tested APEv2 tags in WAV files, only ID3 tags in MP3 for reading in the Artist and Title. I'd have to investigate if this is possible with the existing audio library.

Currently, if you want the artist and title fields to be populated you would have to name the file {artist} - {title}.wav.

I will investigate supporting WAV tags for a future version.


No help for WAVs but for MP3 tag cleanup I use ID3-TagIT (no longer supported by the developer but still about).

It would be good if more than Title & Artist were held in the PlayIt database. I would like "album" and "year" as searchable data.

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