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Now Playing Plugin updating twice


Since the update v2.05.2.2738 that I installed on February 9th, I'm having an issue where the Now Playing Plugin sends twice the title, and it causes a huge issue to my radio since every single title is shown twice on our Server logs, and it also causes our Visual Radio to lag and be delayed (since we have no way to get the actual play time of a song we have to do it from the update of the Now Playing plugin).

Is there any way to fix that?

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Can confirm this issue...same thing happening on our installation as well.

And I just realize that it also breaks our HTTP API because it also sends it twice and one while it's still requesting the first one so it completely timeouts and is unable to send the title

Hi Xem,

There is also a corresponding Now Playing plugin update (1.06). Please ensure this is also installed.

The functionality was updated to fix a bug where tracks were not cleared when a track has stopped which could cause a track to be showing as playing forever.

I will look into the double updating problem.

Hello, it is updated to 1.06

OK, thanks for the update. If it's a continuing issue, you can downgrade your version of PlayIt Live back to

Yup, I'm gonna do that because it's affecting the major part of our station

@Xem Xem:  We rolled back to 2.05.2716 and doubling went away. Using 1.05 or 1.06 of Now Playing plugin caused double entries with both builds we have of 2.06. 

For me the version of the Now Playing plugin didn't change anything, just the version of the PlayIt Software

Hi guys,

Apologies for the delay in resolving this issue. This has been resolved in the latest version of the Now Playing plugin (version 1.07).

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