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Keyboard Shortcuts

 I use PlayIt Live every week and use a keyboard shortcut for Play Next when in LiveAssist mode. I have found that if I delete a track from my playlist the keyboard shortcut stops working. Can this be fixed please? The problem resolves if I close and re-open but this is not practical during a live broadcast.

For some reason this has appeared in the PlayIt Cartwall discussion but to clarify this is for PlayIt Live

Hi Fred

(I have moved the topic to the correct section)

I cannot reproduce this problem using the steps you have described. Maybe you can record a video showing the shortcut working, then deleting a track, and then showing the shortcut no longer working. Maybe I have not interpreted your instructions as you intended.

Hi Jason,

(Thanks for moving!)

Sure - I've recorded a video having just done my show showing it working/not working.

It doesn't happen every single time I delete a track and by no means happens every time I use Playit Live, but it seems to be a semi-regular ocurring problem which only ocurrs after I have deleted/remove a track (or maybe amended a playlist in general - not sure 100% what the trigger is).

It has been happening a while and I've put up with it - thr workaround when it ocurrs is to use the mouse to click the play button I can continue the show - its just a bit frustrating when the keyboard shortcut doesn't work and I'm left with a bit of a gap on air as I grab the mouse.

Do you have an email address I can email a video to? (About a minute in length). It's coming up as too big to attach to here. 

No doubt there's quite a simple explanation for the fault which is why I thought I'd post here in the first instance.


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