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Error code 0x2095d6e0 when closing play-it live

Hello, I have a small problem with play-it live. The program itself works as far as we tested fine! But when closing it gives an 0x2095d6e0 error. I recently updatet to the latest version after a harddrive crash. Before this we used an older version of play-it, i do not know which version but maybe i can try to found out. Computer is an lenovo thinkcentre e73 with i7 4770 processor and 8 gig ram. It uses an ssd for program data and a regular harddisk for audio files. Operating system is windows standard embedded 7 x64. Hope you can help me out! Thx!

Forgot to mention: the fault code shows only when closing the program while music is playing. Stop the players first and then shut the program down gives no fault. Log is always off.

This is not a known error code from PlayIt Live so it is likely an issue with the audio driver of the audio device you are using.

Is there anything shown under the Application Logs in Event Viewer (Start > type Event Viewer) around the time of the error message?

Hello Jason, it looks like you where right. For testen purpose i switched to the onboard sound card and there was no error anymore. The card with this problem uses an pcm2702 controller. I tried the driver from (in demo mode) instead the default windows driver, and also no error codes after shutdown anymore. Thank you very much for help!