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clock not sync with play list

 Hi Play it team i have loaded new jingle into the clock to play at top of the hour called ICMR Limerick comp

but its not loading into the player i have tried a few jingles to see if it was the one i as trying to use same story they wont load either

its keeping the name of old jingle there for up till 24 hrs

Promo jingle icmr No Ad's or Gimmicks Just Music 3

 have also rolled back through other version of the latest updates you have don't still wont work.

only way t will work is manual enter in. but when you do that and i test it and i removed the files from folder YES no problem with telling me the file is missing

but unable to auto load into system lol 


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Hi JP,

If you change the clock, you will need to unschedule and re-schedule an hour from the playout log. You can do this by going to Manage > Playout Log, select time range and click Unschedule, then Schedule. This also assumes that clock is scheduled into the correct hour in the clock schedule. I can't see this from your screenshots.

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