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Playing two tunes at the same time

I have noticed that PlayIt Live is prone to occasionally start mixing tunes into each other. To reproduce this, the first tune playing must have it's default cue out point manually changed. 

I play a lot of retro music tunes and they can easily be 10 minutes long, so I often set a cue out point to like 4 minutes or so. When such a tune reaches that point it will at times continue playing the whole length while mixing in the next song. 

This has caused loss of listeners and is beginning to make my hair white. Please advice...

Hi Erik,

By default, PlayIt Live will fade a track when it reaches the Cue Out point unless the track has 'No Fade' ticked - in this case, the track will play to the end and not fade. All of this is overridden if you have customised the segue via the segue editor.

Here's it's happening and I got a good screen grab:

1) What it looks like as the two tunes run at the same time.

2) The tune that was supposed to fade out...

3) The tune that is still playing.

4) The settings.

... A bit of an epiphany now... Have I misunderstood how the fades work? Does the red area constitute the whole fade out? If so... Aaaargh :)

3 - Dragon.png
(34.6 KB)


By default, at the cue point the audio should fade within the number of seconds specified in Settings. Please check the segue using the segue editor to check that the fade hasn't been manually removed.

In general I would recommend just editing out the part of the track you don't want in an audio editor. Then you don't have to rely on PlayIt Live fading out a track minutes early.

This is what it looks like....

5 - Seque.png
(26.9 KB)

The settings states that the default fade out time is two seconds.

Can you please understand the problem is NOT on my side. It's clear that it randomly does not respect the cue point. This is a bug. It should not be treated by silence on your part.

Please take this problem seriously. I tire of having to baby sit the software and manually eject tracks when this happens without a warning for tracks that normally works.

Bugs I can handle, but support refusing to acknowledge them is a bit toughter. 

Hi Erik,

Please give clear steps to reproduce the issue consistently. Once reproduced, a test can be written to replicate the problem in code. Once the test is written, a code fix can verify that the problem is fixed.


1) Look at the pictures above.

2) Create a playout clock/schedule/whatever

3) Set up many your songs with cue points that are in the middle of the song.

4) Wait for between 2 minutes and a week.

It will have happened in this time frame. Intermittent problems are VERY HARD to create test cases for. May I suggest a code review instead?

The reason for this cue point in the middle is that the Amiga 8bit-modules that I run on my station generally can be between 2 - 20 minutes in length. Obviously for the clock to work, you need to cut the largest tracks down to a manageable length... And then ... this...

Could this be related to fade envelopes being changed in the segue editor while recording a voice track? I notice there is a voice track immediately before the item you reported the problem with in the screenshot.

In general, I would recommend against having 20 minute files that you then reduce down using cue points. I would recommend editing the audio files directly to the intended length for radio broadcast.

I'm way to busy to do such a thing. When I voice track I just click the Record, speak and then click next track button. Nothing else. But I think you're right, as leaving the station without any voicetracking makes it run without a problem for days.

As soon as you voice track or start to add jingles and stuff manually or move things around. This happens at some time in that hour.

In general, I would recommend against having 20 minute files that you then reduce down using cue points. I would recommend editing the audio files directly to the intended length for radio broadcast.

I will try to fix it that way when possible. But some tracks are delivered as mp3-files and editing and resaving them will  hurt the audio quality.

I will see if I can reproduce the problem around a voice track.

Nice going. I will try it too. See if we can find it.

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