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Playing two tunes at the same time

I have noticed that PlayIt Live is prone to occasionally start mixing tunes into each other. To reproduce this, the first tune playing must have it's default cue out point manually changed. 

I play a lot of retro music tunes and they can easily be 10 minutes long, so I often set a cue out point to like 4 minutes or so. When such a tune reaches that point it will at times continue playing the whole length while mixing in the next song. 

This has caused loss of listeners and is beginning to make my hair white. Please advice...

Here are some images to make the setup more clear as the video isn't that good visually.

Ohhh... Look. I did not see that, but: "Segue style: Custom"... That's quite interesting...

And there the other shoe dropped:

Voicetrack + song + song is the problem.

Consider this: you Voicetrack and it mixes to the next song. This obviosuly IS a custom segue. Then that song mixes to the next song. Still a custom segue... That shouldn't be.. Look at it as it just happened again:

1. gotcha.png
(41.4 KB)

The segue is the position where the tracks overlap. This issue where is the envelope information is being lost (nothing to do with Custom Segue). This is showing as I expect - the segue will always be custom if you had some human interaction to set up the overlap. You have provided enough information now. Please allow me to investigate.

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I have been able to reproduce the issue where the fade of the track after the voice track is lost. I will investigate a fix and provide a new version when this is available.

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Hi Erik,

The issue should now be resolved in the version, please confirm:

The issue was with regards to volume envelopes getting lost when editing the segue of the track before. Because of this, any existing problematic segues would not be fixed with this new version. This will only apply to newly scheduled items.

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Hi! Great work, Jason. I have downloaded it and will add it to the station as soon as I can find a good time for it (When listeners are few)

Hi Erik,

Any update on this fix? Does the issue look like it is resolved now?



TLDR; Yes, it works!

I have created a fast demonstration with two test cases showing how the mixing now works.

Regards Erik.

Thanks Erik. Love the video!

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