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Track in monitored folder shows in "all tracks" but not in the track group its assigned to

As the title says, the monitored folder seems to work. I can search for tracks in "all tracks" and they appear. But not in the track group assigned to? Only happening from most recent update, so possibly a bug? My friend also having the issue. Ideas much appreciated.

Hi Matt,

Running the latest version of PlayIt Live (2.07 - Build 2877), I am unable to reproduce the issue as described.

I created an empty listed track group called Christmas and created a Monitored Folder to G:\Music\Christmas. Tracks are successfully added to the Christmas track group when the Monitored Folder is created.

Please could you describe the steps to reproduce the issue.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the prompt response. I will show you an example with: Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me

  1.  See here the file in my folder -
  2.  The monitored folders settings -
  3.  Searching for the Ariana song in the "Christmas Track Group" - &
  4. When searching for the song under "All Tracks", it appears: 
  5. File location same as the monitored folder -

I hope these steps can help you, Jason, I can also show I am on the same build as you:


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the detail. Please can you do the following:

* Remove Arianda Grande from the Christmas folder

* Go to Tools > Monitored Folders Status > Click Re-scan now

* Add Arianda Grande back into the Christmas folder

* Go to Tools > Monitored Folders Status > Click Re-scan now again

Then download and run send me your data and logs.

Hi Jason,

Done this, still not found in the folder - data and logs sent under reference "Matt Hallsworth"

Hi Matt,

Please could you test the same workflow with this version:

Hi Jason,

It seems to have fixed it for that particular track, but some others still not appearing (e.g Ariana Grande - Snow in California) - I will try removing and readding the monitored folder later today to see if this brings them all into place. Logs and data sent with ref - Matt Hallsworth 2

- Matt

Hi Matt,

The track will only be added to the track group when the track is added to the system - so if it already exists, it won't get added. Best option would be to remove from PlayIt Live and then it will get re-added via the monitored folder. Or just manually add to the track group if you are content it will work in future.

Alrighty Jason, Am I alright to send this version to another presenter at the station who had the same issue?

No problem.

Please let me know if you are happy with it and I'll mark it for promotion to the main download page.

Yep, very happy, deleted from playitlive, resynced and boom they all appeared. Thanks very much Jason!
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