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Play Now Plugin and CCL

 We would like to migrate one of our HD Radio stations from RadioDJ to PlayIt Live. Everything is set up and function well, except Center Stage Live is not picking up the information sent out by the Now Playing plugin via TCP/IP.

Both automation softwares are installed on the same machine, and data sent out using the RadioDJ Now Playing Info Exporter via UDP or TCP/IP is received without issues by Center Stage Live.

The PlayIt Live Now Playing plugin shows the data as being sent successfully, and we have tried several different text encoding standards.

Hi Mark,

I've just tested this with my TcpListener test app and it is reading the reported Artist and Title as expected:

It does say "Sent 23 bytes" on the plugin to indicate that it was successfully sent which is what I would expect. 

Does Center Stage Live require some kind of terminator character?

No termination character is used with RadioDJ, I have attached the template we are using.

In PlayIt Live we are using


and the Now Playing plugin does say it is sent successfully.

CSL however is not showing any data being received.

Could you perhaps point me to the TcpListener test app you are using in order to compare the incoming information between RadioDJ and PlayIt Live?

(195 Bytes)

Hi Mark,

I've uploaded the test tool here:

It's hard coded to listen on localhost:12345 and will print any text that is received

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