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OMG! Just had the worst bug - impossible to select and drag tracks

I've just lost about 6 months of my life after playit live suddenly decided it wouldn't let me move tracks about, at the start of a live show.

It's a really weird problem. Basically every time the mouse touched a track I wanted to move which was already in the main window it jumped down the list to a batch of tracks several hours later. As I went to move any of them, as soon as the mouse went over a track, ping - off it went to a later time and the first track in the later group. Very frustrating and I have no idea what caused it or why. As it's alive show i had to do the best I could, moving other tracks around sometimes worked, but then it would just jump to the first track in a group, meaning I couldn't drag it to an earlier hour as it was at the top of the window. If I scrolled earlier then went down to move the track up, it jumped the view back so the earlier time was no longer visible.

Has anyone else seen this?

I'm off for a stiff drink as soon as I finish the show!

Hi Mark,

My apologies, I have been away. I have never come across this issue. Have you seen it since? In future, to overcome this issue I would try scrolling up and down the list with the mouse wheel and click the Home button to reset the scroll position.

Hi Jason, This still happens on occasion, a reboot always cures it but not always practical to do so. However I can't find any specific behaviour that triggers it, although it always triggers a stream of colourful invective from me! 

Hi Mark,

Did you try my suggestion of scrolling and clicking the home button?

In the 5 months since you reported this I have still not had another report of this issue.

If it happens again, please can you record a video which might help me pinpoint a potential cause of the issue.


Hi Jason,

Next time it happens I'll try your suggestion. Sorry I haven't before. That's on me. 

It only happens rarely (once every 2-3 weeks) and I forget to try the fix while I'm wrangling the live playlist! Thank you for your continued support. BTW I've posted separately about a remote button box I'm working on for PIL as a side project. 

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