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Request for enhancement - Album title and track number option

Dear Playit peeps,

Not a bug but a small feature request. I would really like to have the option to right click on the column headings in my Playit music library and add the option to show columns for Album Title and possibly Track Number and Disc Number as well. 

All of this information is already contained in the mp3 tags of the individual files. I've uploaded a very rough idea of how it could look, 

I've increasingly come to discover that knowing the album is important to me as I will often have various copies of the same track and I want to ensure that I pick the right version. My main library can sorted by album and I find it a very useful and easy way to find a specific track. 

My main library contains in excess of 10,000 albums and almost 300.000 tracks and I have no difficulty finding what I need in, say, iTunes, but it's the one feature I would really find valuable in Playit Live. 

Many thanks for such an excellent product.

PS I am working on a small USB interface to connect the 5 remote start buttons on my Behiringer DX2000 mixer to my Play It Live set up. 

I'll be interested to hear how you get on with the button closure to USB (I guess MIDI) converter.

I looked at a commercial GPI -> MIDI unit but I couldn't find anything quite right.

I need 4 sets of small nuts and bolts to attach the pcb to the plastic box it's going to live in. Annoyingly lock down has prevented me from rummaging in the usual places to get these. For the mk 1 unit I've tried to keep it small, so there's a female usb socket at one end, like you get on the back of a printer, while the other end will have 5 flying leads terminating in 5 1/4 inch jack plugs. I'll report back on how I get on. By the, totally off topic I know but someone used to be able to mod the dx2000 to have a speaker cut off when the mic was open. While he no longer offers the mod, I'd love to know what was the exact volume fader model he used (with built in switch) to replace the stock item.

Hello Mark,

I'm afraid I can't help with the mic cut mod. I've never had a DX2000 but had a DX1000 apart once (to try and fix some dodgy switches) and decide it was too difficult (big flat board and massive disassembly). The DX2000 is the most "radio-ish" of the Behringer range.

I've dabbled with an old game port to USB adapter (a Rockfire RM-203U) and while I can get that recognized under Windows 10 I can't find anything that will make it generate MIDI signals.

Alternatively, getting it to generate simulated keyboard key presses might be OK but I can't find a way of doing that either.

I wondered about the U-HIN Nano

this seems to have a driver that will produce key presses.

Possibly I'll invest some money in it and experiment.



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