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Basic Set Up

Hello all,

I'm new to all of this and have downloaded the software, which looks great.  My question is;

I have an external sounds card, the ESI Maya44USB+

I have also downloaded the VB-Audio Banana

I have a Behringer 1622USB mixer

My friends have set up an online station in Spain, called Beach Radio Spain, and have asked if I can contribute, thus my questions.

Firstly, has anyone set up a similar system?

I am trying to set it up so that I can use the mixer, I have managed to get the 3 players assigned, but need to know how to get the audio to the steam so that I can present live shows.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.



Hello Nick,

What you have is a fairly good setup for PlayIt Live.

I've never used the Behringer 1622USB mixer but while it isn't a "radio" desk it will be quite workable.

The mic inputs have level controls and compression (I would recommend running into slight compression at normal "presenting" level) and I expect your sound card (the ESI Maya44USB+) can do some form of output level control. I've generally good experiences of the ESI cards.

I don't think you need the VB-Audio Banana actually for your application.

My personal suggestion would be to use the two stereo channels of the ESI Maya44USB+ into the stereo channels of the Behringer (say 5/6 & 7/8) I would then use the computer sound output into 9/10. Take the sound card input connection (mixer out) from the 2 Track phono sockets.


Assign two players to the ESI outputs (inputs to the mixer 5/6 & 7/8) and the carts to the computer sound card output (input 9/10 to the mixer). Use the built in Behringer sound card for the preview player (as it doesn't present on a channel). 


This should work fairly nicely. 


Make sure your audio files are about the same level (use MP3 gain on a copy) and use the mixer with 10dB in hand on the fader (to the 0 mark). 


Select either the ESI or the mixer USB (out deom the mixer) as the PlayIt Live streaming source and it should all work nicely. 


The PlayIt Live built in streaming is fine but have a look at Rocket Broadcaster (the free edition will suffice) as that has easy level adjustment and "big friendly buttons". 


Have a bit of a look through 

which isn't far off your setup.  

Hi Mark,

I basically have fumbled my way into setting up pretty much as you suggested.  I have ordered a second Maya though to give me some extra flexibility.  I presented a show using the set up yesterday on helping out some old mates.  I'll be using your advice to make a few tweeks before my next show tomorrow afternoon.

Fingers crossed, and once again, many thanks.


Hello Nick,

A second Maya44USB+ on the other Behringer line inputs will be good.

For reference (and if you see them cheap somewhere) I can recommend a couple of other ESI sound cards, the UDJ6 and Gigaport HD+.

Hope the programmes go well. 

Hi Mark,

Not too sure if I'm doing anything wrong, but I can't seem to set up both Maya sound cards, PlayIt recognises them, but only one will play, it's like there's a conflict, any ideas?

Many thanks

Don't worry I found a link on their website, you can't use two of the same card, oh well!


Hello Nick,

A couple of suggestions for two output sound cards would be the Reloop Play or the first version of the Numark DJIO. 

Both of these can be reasonably priced second hand and stand a reasonable chance of working with Windows 10 (they are fine with Windows 7).

My guess is they will coexist with the Maya OK.

The real answer is the 4 x stereo channel Gigaport HD+ (assuming you have a different way of returning the audio for streaming).

Hi Mark,

Yep, I've ordered the Gigaport HD+ so now I have  a brand new Maya44USB+ surplus to requirements lol, I'll use the other to return the audio for streaming.


Hello Nick,

I've been very pleased with the Gigaport HD+.

I had one issue at first (see and scroll down to the bottom) but once that was resolved it's been excellent.

Hope this helps.

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