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Soundcard error with ESI Gigaport HD+

The Gigaport HD+ is a 4 stereo output USB sound card. It does not have any inputs and doesn't appear as a source in the windows sound settings "record".

PlayIt Live complains on start up "Recording device Speakers (GIGAPort HD Audio Driver) could not be initialised".

I can't see why PlayIt Live would expect "GIGAPort HD Audio Driver" to be a "recording device".

Screenshot below.

Once the error is accepted everything seems to work fine.


Hello again Jason,

In what might be a blinding revelation.....

There is no physical output "Speakers (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)"


If I disable this, the error goes away and all 4 stereo outputs work correctly (as they always did).

There is an overall composite output but it is a mix of all 4 stereo outputs (I guess made by an analogue mixer in the card).

Why it reports to Windows that it has a 5th device is a question I will put back to ESI.

Hello Jason, Thanks for examining the logs. I don’t think the cause you suggest is correct. All 4 stereo outputs work fine with PlayIt Live. A similar but 3 stereo output card (the UDJ6) also works and initialises fine with no error messages as do other devices with multiple stereo outputs. It’s essentially an incorrect error message rather than any functional problem. It’s the only 4 stereo channel card I have so I’ve nothing else to compare it with.

Hi Mark

On closer inspection, this message should simply read:

Device: <name> could not be initialised.

The 'Recording' prefix has been added incorrectly in this instance. (Shared code from PlayIt Recorder)

Sorry for the confusion.

I believe in this example, that device will fail to initialise because other channels from the device (e.g. GIGA HD 5/6ch) have already been initialised.


I think I might have got it right this time !

Hi Mark,

I received data from you. Please can you run the tool and send data immediately after starting up PlayIt Live. This is where it initialises the audio and reports the notification you see. The logs sent don't go back in the time far enough for me to see the original initialisation logs.



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Hi Mark,

Please download and run and send me your logs after starting up PlayIt Live. I cannot see why PlayIt Live would report this warning.


The output is as follows:


Playback devices:

0: No sound

1: GIGA HD 5/6ch (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)

2: Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)

3: Speakers (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)

4: GIGA HD 7/8ch (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)

5: GIGA HD 3/4ch (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)

6: GIGA HD 1/2ch (GIGAPort HD Audio driver)

Recording devices:

0: Microphone (High Definition Audio Device)

1: Mic Line jack (High Definition Audio Device)

This matches the devices I see (notably no GIGAport HD+ related recording device) in sound settings.

Hi Mark

Please could you download, extract and run "BassDevicesConsole.exe" which will output the playback and recording devices it sees. Please could you send the output that is shown. This is non-PlayIt code so should isolate the problem to the BASS audio library that is used:



ESI responded and suggest it is a bug in the Un4seen BASS audio library.

"I'm sorry but I can not agree with the answer from Jason Allen.

The screenshot you send to them shows that the software tries to open the Speakers (GIGAPort HD Audio driver) 




as an input device.


The "Speakers" device is definitely not a recording input device.



Please check the Windows Audio settings to see if you can find the Speakers on the Recording tab.

For me it seems the library they use to iterate the playback and recording devices must have a bug in this case."

I have to say, I came to a similar conclusion.

I can't see any sign of a Gigaport HD+ device in the Windows recording tab.

Thanks Jason.

I'll try my luck with ESI.

Hi Mark,

PlayIt Live initialises recording devices presented to it by the Un4seen BASS audio library. This would be presented by Windows to the library. This is clearly a bug in the driver which should not be presenting itself as a recording device.


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