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I have just downloaded this software in order to create and broadcast a radio show.

What i dont understand, is that play it live broadcasts where and how?

Sam broadcaster and radio dj whi i recebtly tried to use where using shoudtcast i beleive


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Michael, Taking the example of BUTT (as linked above), BUTT takes audio from a soundcard and streams to a Shoutcast or Icecast server. I've not used them, but for a few streams and experimentation there are free Icecast or Shoutcast servers (Google will find them). In the simplest form, take the audio from a soundcard fed by PlayIt Live and put that audio back in to a soundcard input which is the source for BUTT. A mixer in that loop would be useful if you wish to add a microphone.

id advise anyone not to use a home network as a shoutcast server for 2 simple reasons.

1) your home broadband wont hold more than say 50 listeners and then it will cause buffering.

2) more listeners the slower your broadband will be.

far easier to get a free shoutcast server or get one off ebay,

Thanks you again Mark .. It was fairly simple in the end. There's a link on the Listen2myradio interface (Link to our server) I licked on that and the site generated an ip/port/mountpoint for Icecast .. I entered those into the playit plug in and off we went.. It would help if Icecast would write an help file that doesn't require a NASA physicist to to understand .. or perhaps I'm just thick .. LOL

Glad you got it sorted David.

Hi Mark ,, Finally got it sorted. It was an ip issue. I was trying to link with my external ip to a remote server (I told you I am a dummy - LOL). So the stream is now .... our server to Icecast to L2MR to the internet. .. It remains  for me to say thank you so very much for your help

Hello David,

Icecast inside your network is not the answer.

The key thing is that you need an Icecast server on the public Internet.

That will not be in the 192.168.1.x address range.

I really don't recommend port forwarding and a server on your playout PC. That is asking for trouble.

The streaming needs to be by an (Icecast or Shoutcast) server provider (Listen2myradio or whoever).

Your Icecast server on your home network is fine for use at home but that's all. Use a public server for others to listen.

Another low cost option seems to be

There isn't anything wrong with your setup as such, it is just that it isn't using an Icecast server on the public Internet.

While I don't recommend it, as a technical point, port forwarding on a BT home hub may well work.

You would probably need to set up a new  rule and forward port 8000.

At the very least, if you are going to do this, get a Raspberry Pi for the Icecast server. That way when it all goes wrong you can wipe it all and start again !

Hi Mark .. Thank you for this, unfortunately, I've tried everything I can think of and all of your suggestions .. nothing works .. I simply can't get access to my stream from outside my network. We have tried port forwarding, just about every ip address I can find and still it won't stream.

BT (our internet connection) assures us all is well at their end. I must be doing something silly.

This is very presumptive of me, but I would welcome giving you remote access to the computer to see if you can 'see' what I can't .. 

Ideally, all I wanted to do is set up the icecast server on this computer and stream to a player linked from our website. I got 'Playit' set up, schedule/clocks etc. Downloaded the plug in, completed all the data required, with some trepidation we pressed the stream now and bingo, 'on air' pops up - So we know everything is working within our network ..  but cannot be heard outside.

As a codicil Mark .. I understand from Icecast, if I can see the screenshots attached it means I am successfully connected and set up to them. As you can see these screenshots are from my computer and yet .. I don't seem to be able to access the listing screen from outside my network

There's now an element of desperation before I finally take an axe to the flippin thing .. 

(45.5 KB)
(62.7 KB)
Having had a look at the instructional video on their website, it seems you get username, password, IP address and port from listen2myradio. If you put these in the appropriate places on the PlayIt Live plug in I think it will all "just work".

Having had a look at the support video on listen2myradio I'm a bit less than impressed. I really can't see why they suggest using Winamp and the streaming plug in when B.U.T.T. is free and extremely simple to use.

It seems that when you sign up to the free service you get an IP address and a port. Those can be entered (with the username and password) at the appropriate points in the PlayIt Live plug in.

I can't see why it wouldn't &quot ;just work" if you did that.

You don't need your local Icecast serer at all.

Hello David, For a "domestic" Internet connection I really wouldn't recommend hosting your own Icecast server and particularly using the same Windows machine as you use for playout. An Icecast or Shoutcast server provided by someone like listen2myradio would be a much better solution. If you really need to host an Icecast server I would suggest a second machine (such as a Raspberry Pi) with the Icecast server on it and a second router to isolate the Icecast server from the rest of your network.

Thank you so very much Mark, I'm very grateful. I have been doing a bit of further research this evening. It seems I need to first set a static ip (Your may have gathered I'm not very computer savvy - LOL) .. then forward a port with BT (Our internet Provider) - apparently they'll guide us through that process.. I'm now hoping that will allow Icecast to stream direct from my computer without the need to use 'Listen2myradio' - and I can link from our website with the player URL Icecast have provided.

Fingers crossed I'll let you know. 

Thank you once again


Well David, I've never seen listen2myradio but from the look of the last page you are trying to use an external server. Assuming there is an internal server option then I suggest you use that. You don't need an Icecast server on your computer at all, just the PlayIt Live streaming encoder connecting to listen2myradio's stream server. Sadly there isn't a tutorial on how to connect using the free service and PlayIt Live but the MIXXX tutorial is broadly similar. Start at the bit called "live broadcasting" and fit those instructions to the PlayIt Live streaming plug in. I'm not able to investigate further for a few days but if you don't get it sorted I will look into it at the weekend.

Thank you Mark for your reply. The attached login-form.jpg is where I am right now. I have completed the form with the ip address on my computer and the Icecast config page details (Port and Mount point). Because the Icecast config doc and cmd box are both on my computer the blessed completed form can't find them to. I have tried disabling the Firewall, I have changed the network to public and nothing works.
I really hate to be a pain in the backside Mark, but I really am desperate .. 'How do I get the 'Listen to my radio' host to accept the stream I am generating from my computer. I hope attached jpgs will help.

(35.7 KB)
(8.52 KB)
(53.7 KB)
Good question David. Leaving aside the scheduling and mixing aspects of PlayIt Live and considering streaming an audio input to a computer there are three parts to the typical Internet Radio set up. 1) The streaming "encoder" 2) The stream server 3) The player Considering these in turn. The encoder (as built in to PlayIt Live) will typically run "inside" a network, taking audio in and delivering the audio as a compressed stream (say MP3 with now playing and other metadata) to the streaming server. The stream server takes a single stream and can deliver hundreds or thousands of copies of it to people who want to listen. It is accessible on the Internet and needs to be somewhere capable of delivering say 100 streams of 100kb/s so 10Mb/s. A well connected data centre would be a good place to host the stream server. The player can be something running on a PC (Windows media player for example) or an Internet radio app on a phone. Websites with streams usually invoke the built in player on a computer or phone/tablet. Hence, for anything other than experiment, you need to get a streaming server service (shoutcast or icecast). A commercial streaming service will give you the settings to put in the PlayIt Live encoder and thus you will be "broadcasting", although until a player connects it will be to nobody. Hope that helps.

Thank you for that Mark, obviously, 'Playit' and the Icecast config file are sitting on my computer inside my domestic network. Play it is fully scheduled ready to go, what I can't work out is how the heck to allow the outside world to 'see' / hear what I'm streaming. Do I upload the folder to somewhere? .. I am aware that I may need to engage an outside server, but how to I allow that server to access the Icecast config set up I have on my computer.

Please help, If you are able to throw any light onto this problem I would be most grateful .. As I said in my post please keep it simple, for a dummy like me it almost needs to be 'Janet and John' stuff - 


From the setup in "Capture" the Icecast server seems to be inside a domestic network (in private 192.168.1.X IP address space) so nobody outside your network will be able to connect.

While it would be possible to make the Icecast server (and possibly the device it is running on) available on the public Internet I wouldn't recommend that. For more than private experimentation there are Icecast servers.

Not a recommendation but the first Google hit was

Their website looks promising.

Once you have a publicly accessible stream you can have a link that invokes a player on a computer or other device.