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Been using Radio News Hub for quite a while to bring both NEWS and Weather to our service via monitored folders and dropbox, each hour, 24 hours.   However just recently it is no longer finding the files by the the names.

The files are named Weather.mp3 & News.mp3.    but each file has a name of Recorded by News under properties.

So Weather.mp3  holds a name under properties of news cart recorded by news 1.  Which means that once dropbox does its thing no files named weather.mp3 is located in the dropbox file nor transfered to the archive!

Can I force playit live to select name to find the file rather than title?


Good afternoon Phil

Mark passed on your email about issues with the news file.

You say this is something that has only occurred in the last couple of months?

Has anything changed your side?

I've attached a screenshot taken from our dispatch system. This shows the filenames as they are dispatched.

The news filename is news.mp3.

The weather is weather.mp3. 

The "News Recorded By" sounds like something that may well appear in the file title.

But your playout software should be looking for the filename rather than the title.

Which system do you use? It may be something that their support team can assist with.



Hi Phil,

When you add a Monitored Folder in PlayIt Live this will add and keep up to date the files it finds into the PlayIt Live track list and into the corresponding Track Group if you select it. Then you should be able to schedule the track group at the desired time in order to play the track. PlayIt Live doesn't look up anything by title.



I think I have cracked this problem!

As far as i can see it all stems from the downloaded file in the drop box.

RNH issues each file with the title  of the file detailed ( say  recorded by rnh 1),  which is then uploaded to Playit live in due course.  

To overcome this is title which does not tell you what it is you have to look at the properties of the file  and take a look at the remove and personal information.

Then at the top of the box click on remove the following properties from the file

under description click on the box that is named along side title (this should remove /clear the name of the file from this box later.   Move down to the bottom of the box, select name , and rename the name within the box  to read NEWS.MP3 then click ok.

Repeat the process for the next file by following the proceedure and rename file to read WEATHER.MP3 

click ok and all should be done to work correctly. 


Seems as if my Christmas present has arrived early!

It seems that the tweak that was made to the monitored folder has not wanted to work  for us.

Its ok if you go in and click on the delete file button but it has to be done all the time in my case.    

It does not want to remove old or for that matter new files when the are removed from the posting folder.

Can you make it a bit more clear for me please.

Best regards


Hi Phil,

Looks like this is a bug initialising the 'Delete' field on startup. A new version with a fix is on the way :)


Hi Phil,

This version should resolve the issue:

Please let me and confirm.



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