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Audio Cutting


I have a problem sometimes when files updates, after a few days, it creates a problem until I restart the software. Sometimes, an audio file like this:

will just randomly become this: (I did this on paint but that's exactly what shows)

and then after a restart of PlayIt, it'll come back to normal, however, restarting frequently on a 24/7 Radio is not something doable...

And the main problem isn't the visual aspect, it's that it cuts the track exactly at the point it becomes silent to go to the next track...

Hi Xem,

Please can you describe the process by which the 'file updates'? Do you have a Monitored Folder on PlayIt Live on the folder where the file resides to ensure the track is updated to reflect the file change?



I have a monitored folder yes and when the file is updated it's actually the new file, the only difference is that it cuts it off like that

Where the file coming from? Is it possible that PlayIt Live is loading a partially updated file and the next time it is loaded it is fully updated?

It might be possible, it's uploaded hours before so it might be that PlayIt doesn't understand the file completed the upload and it has to reload it.

Since it only loads correctly after a restart it looks like that might be what's happening

It's still happening as of today so please tell me if there's anything you/I can do to fix it? :/

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