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QuickCarts countdown timer fails after upgrade from 1.08 to 1.09

I am evaluating PlayIt Live for use in a community radio station. We recently updated a v.1.08 version of the software (which had a bug) to 1.09. After upgrading, the countdown timers for audio in the QuickCart no longer work -- if a file shows, say a 4:08 length, it does not change as the audio file plays. That makes the 1.09 version unusable for playing QuickCart files. Similarly, the countdown timers in the decks mode for audio files also fail.

However, if we have installed 1.09 on a PlayIt naive computer, the QuickCart countdown timers work fine.

In reviewing the registry on a computer in which PlayIt Live has been installed and then uninstalled, there remains quite a number of PlayIt entries in the registry. So I'm assuming that the upgrade from 1.08 to 1.09 is leaving some entries which interferes with the countdown timers.

Using Windows 7.

Hi David,

It is difficult to say what is going on here. I very much doubt it has anything to do with the registry. This was a common bug in a previous version of PlayIt Live that may have reared its head again. I was able to sometimes replicate it by adding tracks via the wizard. I added some timer state logging to try and track what timers got stuck and when. It would be great if you could send me your logs and I can take a look. You can do it by downloading this application to your PlayIt Live machine and following the onscreen instructions:



Thanks for your response, Jason. I'll ask the IT guy to install the diagtool and get you the logs.

-= Dave


I saw this in the version documentation:

Minor ChangesFixing problem where duration would sometimes not be read from tracks.

20 Dec 2015 (v1.10.1.1077) (BETA)

Was that the fix to the issue I reported about the countdown timer not working? I sent you a log file about the same time (sorry it took so long to get you the's hard to get some things done by the paid staff when you're a volunteer)

Do you think the issue is fixed in the current version 10.2?



Hi David,

This refers to a bug when adding new tracks where some tracks would be added with zero-length duration, so is not related to your issue.

Ah, that's who that data belonged to, I couldn't map the data to the support request.

It looks like this is ASIO related, I've had a number of people who has experienced similar issues.

I am not sure exactly what is causing this, but I will continue to investigate.



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