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Windows 10 compatibility

Tried to load Play It Live today ahead of my radio show and it wouldn't load. I was asked to authorise the computer (again!) and as I typed in my user name it crashed. More specifically as I typed the letter "n" it crashed. Over and over. It was good for the letters "r", "e", and "v". May be useful to know that the only key set as a command/launch key out of those is the letter "n".

I'm on a Windows-running Lenovo z50 laptop. 8gb RAM, AMD A10 chip. The only change I have made since I last used the programme has been updating the OS from Windows 8.1 to W10.

Hi Matthew,

This does not sound like a Windows 10 issue specifically, although why a change in OS has caused you to re-activate I am not sure. It sounds like a keyboard command is trying to run before activation when the program is not fully initialised. I will ensure this is resolved for the next version which should be released this coming weekend.

In the meantime you will need edit your settings file to remove the keyboard commands that are causing the problem. Personally I would recommend against using single character keys as keyboard commands. For example, typing N in the search box will cause your keyboard command to fire unintentionally,

The settings file can be found at C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\settings.xml. Press WINDOWS KEY + R and type C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live, right click settings.xml and click Edit. Find the <KeyboardSettings node, and inside this you will see entries starting: <Binding CommandId=. Remove the Binding row for the one with KeyText="N". Then save the file and restart PlayIt Live.


Hi Jason,

Thank you for the informative reply. I think you're probably right so I'll follow your instructions and see what happens. However, I should mention that it's a lottery opening the programme as to whether I have to authorise or not before use. This is the first time that I've encountered the problem I mentioned, though.

Thanks again.


Hi Matthew,

I know some users have experienced issues with activation being required randomly.

I've put some measures in place to resolve this in the next version.


Cartwell occupies the full screen 1080p Windows 10 my screen size is 1080p


Hi Colin,

Cartwall has no minimum or maximum size. I have tested this on my Windows 10 machine and it appears as expected, whatever size I wish to make it.

Kind regards,


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