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Keyboard Shortcuts Stop Working

I've been using PlayIt for over 5 years for my live show on Saturday nights. For the last 4-5 weeks, something happens to my keyboard shortcuts - they all stop working within 15 minutes of the program. My keyboard shortcuts have always been set to GLOBAL, and have always worked just fine until recently. Also, I've never had any problem running another software along with PlayIt Live (ex. my virtual VU meters, Audacity for recording, etc) I think what triggers the error is when I adjust a level or something outside of Playit Live, but not always. Most times it just happens with no help from me. The only thing that fixes this is a reboot - not the software, but my whole PC which simply isn't an option when doing a live show. I have the microphone Push-to-Talk plugin and a shortcut key assigned to it. This has been so helpful on my show, ducking audio, triggering the next event, etc. but using the mouse is just inconvenient and this error is getting annoying. Anyone have this problem? Anyone know any fixes? 

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Bump. Is there an error log or something I can find in the folder somewhere that might indicate where the problem is? Here it is Saturday night and the same thing happened again. I updated to the latest version, and still happening. 

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