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Music Shows No Audio Levels In Segue Editor

When I am sege editing, some tracks dont load the visual audio levels. I have tried closing the segue editor, zooming in. And still doesnt show up. The track plays fine audio wise. Its not just this specific track, its multiple.

The only plugin I have is the "Now Playing" one.


^^ Addition to this

I have tried updating to the latest version. As I was on a couple releases behind.

I had the same problem. I found out that my portable HDD where I keep all my audio was not connected. Once reconnected, my files are just fine.

Nope, still doing after a reconnect.

Hi George,

It's possible that your 'samples cache' has become corrupt. You can clear this out by right clicking the Start button and selecting Run and typing %temp%\PlayItSamples and clicking OK. Then clear out the contents of this folder. Then re-open the segue editor again.

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That seems to have fixed it! I will post another comment if it doesn't. Thanks very much. :)

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