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In the past, I've encountered a few issues where PlayIt Live's host PC has hung. Following much digging, I discovered a suggestion on this thread that there could be a memory leak that occurs when PlayIt Live is minimized to the taskbar – and indeed PlayIt Live has been much more stable for me since I stopped minimising it (leaving it running full-screen) when the host PC is unattended.

However, I've just caught the attached message on-screen before the host PC crashed in the same way as before. This time PlayIt Live had been running full-screen, though for much longer (several weeks) since the last crash (where it was previously happening up to weekly).

Host PC: HP ProDesk; Intel Core i5-6400; 16GB RAM; Windows 10, 64 bit

PlayIt Live version: 2.08 (build: 3090); Internet Broadcast 1.09; Now Playing 1.10

Hi John,

Please upgrade to PlayIt Live 2.10 (the latest version on the website: ) as the version you are using is no longer supported. Please also update your plugins to their latest versions. If the problem re-occurs please let me know and I can take look.

An OutOfMemoryException is usually thrown because of a memory leak and would show as a high memory usage when PlayIt Live is viewed in Task Manager. If the memory usage is very high, e.g. greater than 500MB, on Task Manager right click PlayIt Live in the list and select Create dump file. Then upload this file to a cloud storage such as WeTransfer and post a link to the file.

Thanks Jason. Running v2.10/3337 with up-to-date plugins for a while now (always in a maximised window) memory usage has crept up over time and has been bobbing around the 500MB mark for a few weeks. Today I noticed it reach 700MB+. Dump file here for info:

Hi John,

I've had a look at the dump file. I can see that out of the 1.2GB, only 273MB is managed memory, that is memory controllable by PlayIt Live so the rest is not something within our control. An example of unmanaged memory is audio being loaded and not being released properly by the audio codec or driver. I have also noticed that your antivirus "Sophos" is attached to the application. Please could you try disabling the antivirus, or adding PlayItLive.exe as an exception to the antivirus to see if anything improves?

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