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Transfer to another computer

Hello i followed the youtube explanation to make a copy of playlt on another pc. Everything works except that I do not have all the data on the titles (cut in, cut out, tag ...) What should I do?


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The copying process from the video provides an exact copy of your database including cue in and out data.

Please ensure that if you have any Monitored Folders, that you disable them on the first computer before transferring them to the second computer. What can happen is upon transferring to the second computer, PlayIt Live cannot find the track files and can therefore remove the tracks and thus remove the cue in and out data. If it subsequently finds the tracks, the tracks will be re-imported from scratch and will not contain the cue in and out data.

My suggestion is to disable the Monitored Folders on the first computer. Transfer the data and the files. Perform the Missing File Analysis process. Then update the Monitored Folder to the new path of the files and re-enable them.

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