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software hangs when you press "start streams"

Hi - when I do my live show, I have to try to time the "start streams" reasonably precisely, so I pick up from the previous show which is pre-recorded and played out the AutoDJ.

The trouble is that PlayItLive tends to hang when I press "start streams" and the wheel just spins and says the software says "not responding". After about 30 seconds it recovers and then automatically starts the stream with the jingle that you fired off 30 seconds ago.

This obviously causes a delay to the start of the broadcast. 

I wonder if it is a known issue or something peculiar to my setup?

Many thanks

Hi Gavin,

It is a known issue that PlayIt Live will freeze while streams are being started. If your server is started and running then this delay should be minimal. If you have multiple streams configured then this will take longer - disable any that are not in use.

it is just starting one stream to broadcast to our hosted station. Thank you for acknowledging the issue. It never used to happen, so hopefully it might be ironed out in a future release.

Gavin, you can use seperate streaming software with PlayIt Live.

You will need the "now playing" plugin to get track data but beyond that, if you are using an external mixer it is a combination that works well and shouldn't produce the "hanging" problem.

Depending on the application B.U.T.T. or something else might be appropriate but it's worth a go. 

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