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Select Clock dialogue default sort

The Select Clock dialogue does not seem to have a default sort order set when the list is displayed. The Manage Clocks screen does sort the list of clocks by Name as default.

I always have to click on the Name field immediately after opening the Select Clock dialogue to sort the list so I can find the clock I want to add to the clock schedule.

Playit Live > Schedule Clocks > Click on an empty clock hour > Select Clock dialog displays. The list is not sorted. Tested version

This issue was resolved in 2.09. Testing on the latest version from the website I can see that the clocks are stored by name when selecting an empty slot via the clock schedule. Please check again that you are testing this with the latest version from the website - you can check this via Help > About.

Confirmed resolved in 2.09. Tested version was incorrectly reported it was 2.08.

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