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BUG: PlayIT LIVE deletes voice tracks

Yesterday I recorded all voice tracks for the morning today. When I checked today, the VTs for the hour (6 am) were gone. But the ones for the next hour still existed. As the next hour arrived and the hard fixed time marker kicked in, ALL the voice tracks were deleted instantly for that hour.

I double clicked on all the VTs for the whole day in order to force save them. If this will work or not, I do not know...

A bit worrying I must say...

Hi Erik,

PlayIt Live never deletes playout log items without an explicit action initiated by the user such as manual delete, unscheduled via the Manage > Playout Log window, etc. Were the items completely missing or were they showing the 'no' sign, i.e. a circle with a cross through - if this was the case then they were being discarded because of a fixed time marker later or in the next hour.

If you could support this post with screenshots or a video that would be really helpful.

Hm... The client side wasn't connected when it started happening. The circles were red and had no crosses or anything. As soon as the new hour started, the red circles and their entries magically just popped out of existence. Every single one. For that hour. The upcoming hours were fine. (Until they started, which I fixed by clicking on each of them)

I think this is related to the HTTP/500 problem.

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