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BUG: Playout log hangs the browser console in Chrome


Another bug to report. Demonstrated in a 2 min video on YT:

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the latest video. I agree you should not be able to break it by entering a large time range, I will log this issue and apply a fix in a future update. With regards to the wacky navigation, this looks like a styling/cache issue. Please try clearing the cache for the page or pressing CTRL+F5 to force a full reload of the page.

Suggestion: add button to actually apply the filter. It will remove this problem if you also put a maximum range as well. 

Thanks for the video, this is very a useful way of showing the problem.

Indeed. I use it a lot this way. 

Here's a new video where I try your suggestion and also provoke the system a bit more:

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the video, this is very a useful way of showing the problem. I think the problem here is that the UI is trying to load 6 months of data back to October as the start date and then takes a while to get hung up about it. Please could you first try changing the end date to the target date in October, and then selecting the start date. This would prevent it from ever being a long range. I may have to add in a limit to how long a range that can be selected in order for the UI to remain stable.

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