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Error 500 on synchronization

I have v2.08 (Build 2965) installed on my PlayIT Live broadcast server. I know v2.08 (Build 2969) is out and will install it as soon as I can.

However yesterday and today, the "Remote management / VT" stopped working. The web page responded, but the Voicetracking and remote management from my client side PlayIT live installation didn't update. When I reconnected to it through "Connect to remote server", I got "Error 500". Restarting the service in PlayIt Live on the broadcast server resolved the issue. It reappeared today, however.

Two thoughts:

- It shouldn't happen. Hence the bug report. :)

- The PlayIt Live instance connecting to the remote side will not warn about this and as a result, the playlist will be incorrect and VoiceTracks will not be added properly. Please make sure this raises a warning if it happens.

Hi Erik,

From 2.08, this requires a secure sync key which only 2.08 onwards supports. So if you try and sync a 2.07 with a 2.08 this will not work. You will need to update both instances.

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Both instances are 2.08 (Build 2965). But I will try to upgrade both and see if the problem goes away. Will report back in a few days irregardless so we know if the problem is still there after the upgrade.

Ok. Upgraded both instances. The problem persists, but is at this moment mostly annoying... :)

Hi Erik,

This must be something specific to your data. Please could you run this tool on both your PlayIt Live instances - - selecting PlayIt Live. Once received I can set up both databases and try to reproduce.

The first send worked, but the second send did not. The compressed file is too large... The first is 51 MB and the other is 317 (!!!). I suspect the recording desk instance is really in a bad shape...

Wow, that is concerning.

Alternative approach, zip up the contents of C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live on both machines.

Note this is ProgramData, a hidden folder, not the same as Program Files.

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Ok. Got the other one down to size but removing logs. This makes me wonder..

Hi Erik,

I have loaded both databases into PlayIt Live and can synchronise one with the other with no errors and everything is working as expected. Both are running PlayIt Live 2.08 (2988). Is there anything running between the two machines that could cause issues - from the settings I notice that VM Ware is involved.

Hi. Nope. No such things. 

The recording desk is PC and wired to a 1 GB LAN and the Virtual Machine is mapped to it's own dedicated 1 GB Physical LAN NIC. The only thing between the two machines is a simple switch.

Both the recording desk (an I9 Win10 with 32 GB RAM) and the server (an I7 Intel Nuc with 32 GB Ram and VMWare) are up to specs.

I have 

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