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Button starts proof of concept

Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my plan to build a remote button unit for use in conjunction with PIL.

Stage one was using a cardboard box to see if the spacing would work. 

There will be a total of 7 buttons on the unit, 3 green for Play on decks 1, 2 and 3, 3 red for Stop on the same decks, and one yellow for the Next Item button. 

The pictures show that, in my initial calculations I failed to account for the size of the microswitches and need to space the switches very slightly further apart, to allow for the crimp connectiors. 

However I think it's going to look good when complete. Stage 2 is I've ordered a suitable plastic case to mount them in. Comments? Would anyone else find this useful? 

I had mixer fader starts so used them and went for the overall start, stop, pause and next controls.

Have a look at:

It's going well after most of a year (of not very heavy use).

Ideally I would have had a button to MIDI converter but the button to keyboard isn't bad.

Also, how are you going to do the play and stop ?

The keyboard shortcuts only have 

Live Assist Mode: Fade & Stop

Live Assist Mode: Insert Selected Track To Play Next

Live Assist Mode: Pause Playout

Live Assist Mode: Play Next

Live Assist Mode: Start Playout

Live Assist Mode: Toggle Current Item Segue Type

then loads of Quick Cart functions.

I bodged it slightly on my fader start by making fader open do "Play Next".

Photos as in my write up.


Inside during construction:


Hello PIL community. In response to the OP, Elgato Stream Decks, X-Keys, and BitFocus Companion play nice with PIL, in addition to a variety of software, scenarios, and situations. Off the shelf, configurable, and reliable.

I quite like the Elgato Stream Deck and considered it but I wanted fader starts so needed something that would take a relay closure and produce a keypress or (ideally) midi note and the little board I used was the closest I could find at modest cost.

And here is another off-the-shelf option for triggering :

Very neat! I’m not convinced they still make it but it seems to be just what is wanted.
Here's the hardware side so far. Getting there.....

A very neat looking box.

What are you using as the interface ?

MIDI or button presses ?

I looked at joystick port interfaces but never reached a conclusion.

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