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Getting your PC Track Files organised

Before Adding Tracks to PlayIt live it’ll be wise to get your PC Track Folders and files organised.  

Yes, it’s OK for all Titles to be stored in a single Windows folder.  You could create separate folders for each Category, if you wish.    Or allow Windows Media Player to save by Artist and Album.

My Windows folders are based on Genre and Decades.  This helps me maintain some sanity when managing over 1200 Titles.   A Tip:  Duplicate and back up on a Desktop External Hard drive.  Remember that latency is likely to occur if you use an external Hard Drive as the Primary source for your Tracks.

When the time comes to Add tracks to PlayIt Live, it actually points to the Windows file location as the source.   Once added to PlayIt Live, You should never move a title from that Windows File location.    If Playit Live cannot find the Track, you’ll see a red band and error near the top of the Playout Screen.  If you need to move the source location, Delete the Track from PlayIt Live first,  then move the track to the new windows location  and  Add the Track again.

PlayIt Live does not derive the Artist & Title from the File Name.   Rather from Media Data.  It’s important that the Contributing Artist and Title are correct when viewed in Windows Media Player or similar software.   (See Win Media Info.JPG ) 

I tend to rely on Windows to obtain this info from the web before I save or rip  to my PC.  I should mention that this information can be added or edited later in  PlayIt Live in the Track Editor. (see Tract Editor. JPG)

Hope this helps you prepare your tracks in Windows before Loading to them to PlayIt Live.



Is it possible to bulk "analyse" tracks after I added a load to the tracklist? I notice it takes quite a bit of extra time if you add and analyse at the same time (when you add in bulk)

If you are adding hundreds of MP3 titles, it may take a few moments.   If files are WAV,  they are very large files and this may take even more more time.

Analyse finds & sets the starting point, and finds the end Point (based on the db in  Settings).

Recently, I found my tracts were too tight because the Fade DB in settings  was too high, So,  I  deleted all my PlayItLive Tracks and reloaded them using Analyse and sent them to the appropriate  Track Group (not sorted by Playit Live)   That process took 1/2 hour to load 1200 MP3 files @ 196k.     

When PlayItLive needs me to  select Tract Files, I find them, and use Control & left click to select multiple titles from the same folder.

If this does not help, we can ask PlayItlive Support.

Hi Rick,

It is not currently possible to bulk analyse tracks after they have already been added to PlayIt Live. Performing analysis on each track will take slightly longer but will improve the overall sound of your segues.

If you'd like to request post-analysis as a feature please add it to the feature requests page so it can be considered for a future version:


I Keep getting files not found in Red at top but i have put them from my memory stick into the play it live folder then from there straight to ADD NEW and added dont understand

Hi Brian,

PlayIt Live only references the files. If you add them from the memory stick and then remove the memory stick it will report them as "not found". You need to first copy them from the memory stick to the hard drive and then add the copied tracks to PlayIt Live.

Thank you Jason I have just done that and yes Red line gone and sing gone into play it live but clicking play and it’s not playing
I have just deleted all my files and have sorted my other problems now I’ve uploaded my music and it’s in carts but not playing visually it’s playing but no sound even in edit mode, Brand new computer working fine Any ideas please
How do I delete tracks no longer wanted (not duplicates).

@Brian, hopefully you have sorted your problem now but my guess is that the carts (and possibly preview) are not selected to the audio device you are listening to.

@Scott, in "Manage Tracks" you can delete them. If they don't seem to go away it might be because you have a "Monitored Folder" which finds the file and adds it back again.


If so, move the file before deleting it.

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