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Playout policies

PlayIt Live performs it’s best when Playout Policies are in place and appropriate for the various Track Groups.

When it comes to small Groups like Hot Hits, I like the idea that none of the tracks will be omitted and all titles will play before the tracks are  repeated.   So for me, the Playout Policy for this Tract Group is “Do not play the same track for 3 hours”   Time is based the total number of Tracks in the Group divided by the number of times this Track Group is scheduled to play, either on a schedule Clock or Playout Pattern.

I do not restrict the Artist in small groups.  But large groups allow for greater flexibility.  For me, Artist Policy is always set at 2 hour separation in large tract groups and track repeat is based on the number of this Track Group plays an hour divided into the total of that group.  For example, my largest Track Group is Oldies.  I’d like them to equally rotate.  To calculate the track rotation, I calculate that 4 play an hour and divide 4  into 500 Tracks in this Group giving me a 125 hour rotation.   I tend to be lenient, so the policy reads “do not play the same tract for at least 100 Hours”

Tip: Use the artist field identify Jingles, IDs, Sweepers ect and use a unique Track name for each track.

Jingles, Liners, Sweepers, etc.  should use Title only in the Playout Policy for each Group.  Each track within a group should have a Unique Track Name.   Your Playout Policy for each of these Track Groups should be based on the number of times they play an hour- divided into the total to provide a separation.  You may need to use Minutes instead of Hours.

Tip:  If you have 3 Tracks in a group that is scheduled 4 times an hour and you’d like one to play more often than the others, Add that track again and rename  so you have 4 uniquely named  Tracks with two alike in content.  Then make the playout policy for this Track Group read “Do Not play the same Track for 1 hour ” 

Tip:  No Group Track Policies are necessary if you don’t mind Randomness, repeats and lack of control over making sure all tracks play before repeating.

As always, others have observations, ideas  and inputs that might differ, I'd enjoy reading them and  learning something new..   

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