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Controlling Overall Tempo

Lately, I have been recording my PlayIt Live audio onto a Denon SD recorder (DN-F450R) while I’m watching television in the evening. ( 5 hours of audio converted to MP3 on an SD chip-Wow)  Then, as I commute, I listen and take notes of the overall mechanics and flow.  Long listening sessions helped me Realise the need to take control of the overall tempo.

If the average tempo of your Playout   is a bit slow and lacking energy, I may have ideas for you.

To give you an idea, these are the rotations I utilize on the same clock, 24 hours a day:

-Hot (13 Top Hits/4 an hour/repeat every 3.25 hours).  

-Medium (19 ascending or descending hits/3 an hour/repeating 6.5 hours)

-Light (11 New Songs / one an hour/repeating 11 hours).     

-Recurrent ( Former top Hits just off the chart to 6 months/ 3 an hour/40 ish/Plays  2 times a day) 

 -Oldies  (over 500/4-5day rotation/ varying number each hour)

To overcome an overall slow tempo, I took the largest Track Group and divided it into two.  Openers and Slow songs.   Openers have good tempo/intensity used to launch a music sweep,  and Slow Songs that are placed Mid-sweep or as a fill song that can be dropped when against a Soft or Hard Fixed Time Marker.  By doing this, it   insured at least 2 Tracks were of medium tempo and continued to have the same representation of the Oldies on my clock.

You could do the same for Recurrents (my second largest group)

Another option is to edit  the Scheduled  Playout and substitute tracks of the same group to hone each hour.

You can build clocks appropriate for dayparts using the ideas above to slow down the overall tempo.  Late night, overnight and Mid-Day tend to be more relaxed and good time periods to play slower/soft intensity  songs.  In my example above I did not change any of the smaller Track Groups which are played the most and doing so keep the sound consistent.

Lastly, you could work in the Semi-Auto mode and manually substitute Tracks, But remember to stay away from changing anything just before a Hard or Soft Fixed Time Marker.

I hope this gave you some food for thought. Have fun !!!

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