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Excessive track loading times

Hi, Lately seem to be experiencing high loading times for tracks into the cart decks on PlayIt live. I am using v 2.07 (2934). Sometimes decks can take 20+ seconds to load a song. I started using PlayIt live about 6 months ago on earlier versions and don't remember seeing this happen. My platform has remained same Windows 10 on AcePC running into Gigabyte HD+ sound card. The audio is playing off an internal seperate SSD drive (not the OS drive). Cpu is 15-20% when playing MP3. Was wondering if anyone else had seen this and if there is a fix. Sometimes it can lead to a break in playback as decks don't load in time. Hope someone can help as I do like this software and it maybe a platform issue rather than PlayItLive. J
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Ok so think I have solved this, seems to have been caused by the access scan side of Windows Defender. Having put MP3 files and the PIL exe into the exclusion list things seem to be running a lot better now.
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