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Pressing "Start Next" will stop the playlist


I've been having some issues with the free version which keeps me from investing into this software.

The issue is quite simple...

When I edit the Segue of the next track and I force "start next" by pressing the button I've bound to this it simply stops the current track and doesn't start the next.

If I've done no editing to the Segue, it continues fine when forcing "start next".

See this gif for reference:
oF4U7lj.gif (1693×1273) ( 

I don't get why it happens - To me it's a really big bug as I use that feature almost all the time.

I've tried to look through my settings but as mentioned it works fine if I do NOT edit the segue as shown in the gif.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for raising this. This is indeed a bug. I will investigate and supply a fix.


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That is great news.
Please provide an update to this post whenever a fix is available (I get an email here with the updates as you may know).

If this is fixed soon, I'm more than happy to invest into some of the plugins and most likely into the products that integrate with PlayIt (Voicetracking etc.)

Hi Patrick,

I'll drop a link to a new version here when it is ready for you test.


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Thanks Jason, I really appreciate it and the quick response as well.

Hi Patrick,

Please let me know how you get on with this version:


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Hi again Jason.

It seems to work flawlessly!

I'll do some more extensive testing to make sure, but just in the last minute I haven't been able to reproduce the issue which is awesome.

GREAT work - I'm really and truly impressed with the fast response and work that has gone into fixing this.

I'll get back to you if I notice this issue again (or any other for that matter).

Have a great day.


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