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Faulty segues - help needed!

I've got a problem with PlayIt Live where if I have a dry voice sweeper set to play over the intro of the following song, the previous song cuts off dead when the next song starts, rather than fading out over two seconds as it's set to do. Editing the segue does nothing, as in edit mode it sounds fine, but Live Assist mode doesn't emulate edit mode; it just cuts the previous song dead. If no sweeper is set, the segue and two second fade is fine. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Owen,

It's difficult for me to visualise the problem. Please could you post some screenshots of the playout log on the main interface, plus the segue editor showing the sweeper. Then I can try to reproduce the issue.


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Thanks Jason, I'll take some pictures later. But basically, if I play two stunts back to back, the first fades out just as the next song starts. But if I have a sweeper set to play over the intro of the second song, the first song cuts off dead with no fade as the second song starts. This happens whether the sweeper plays from the start of the second song, or later into the intro up to the vocals (so whether the intro times are set or not). It was working fine up until last week though.
Ok, so not sure why you need the track log as it just shows the tracks that I've played but with no additional info. The attached picture shows what it looks like in segue editor. In the editor there's no problem, it's only when playing in Live Assist that tracks cut dead rather than fade if there's a sweeper set to play over the next track.
Here's the playout screen with the same two songs and sweeper showing.
I fixed it! It was all me. Last week I changed a setting to only show two decks, not realising that they're not just visual, they are each an actual player. To do what I'm trying to do, you need three decks. I put the third one back, and it's all good again! You live and learn.

Ah, yes - good point. If a player is in use and is needed it has to dump the track from the player which is why it won't fade.

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