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Now playing issues

Dear Jason, As you can see by May account I've purchased the Now playing add on I seem to be having an issue with getting the steaming information from the playit software through the encoder my encoder is configured as an icecast so the mount is /stream and the box is checked for to stream the title track so I'm at a loss because of this I've checked that the add on is installed and its activated so you might advise what else I can do to make it possible to receive the information. Regards, George Humphries.

Hi George,

The Now Playing plugin is independent from the Internet Streaming plugin. Typically with the Now Playing plugin you would configure this to write the currently playing track to disk and then use an external encoder to read this file to send to the stream that way.

Many thanks for your reply Jason, I don't know if anyone has experienced a problem with the encoder facility, I found yesterday it was backing up on it's self, the encoder was not streaming the correct title & track together, it took hours yesterday to investigate the problem, the only way of getting the track unstuck from the encoder was to check and uncheck the override facility box in the encoder, this restarted the current title track in real time! You might be able to throw some light at this issue, I upgraded to the recent version of playit yesterday and it really didn't matter too much about the track and title not sinking up! However its definitely a snappier version of playit, but ultimately if I wasn't so persistent with the programme I probably would have completely uninstalled if I was a novice that would have been my stand point for doing so if I had gone down that road. I'm not telling you your business but many people would have just abandoned the programme yesterday with this issue, it took me 4 hours to figure it out what was happening, as you know, You must rule out other possibilities that may be causing the issue. I do like the programme and I like the way its free to download but then the hard work begins. It's really its a learning curve for the person taking up the programme, in my opinion unless your of the mind of a developer that prays on projects like this, the probability on a person keeping the current format would be slim, for people to buy directly into the product without knowing the product would be slim, in my view your officially using the platform as a developer line to help PlayIt when its free that fine too but subscription customers will be hard to find if you keep this up, the small addons are very necessary for basic functions without talk over track facilities you've noting. you need a team of volunteers to work on insider programmes to avoid these issues in the future, the programme needs to be fully functional and stable with the additional functionality of addons & information YouTube insight is good for introducing people to the product to gain confidence of businesses. personally I would have liked to have started a training course this year on this programme for my forth coming DJ's, but the issues surrounding the programme would lead me to believe it would be more of a trouble shooting course I'd be running. I don't mind keeping on the programme as it's got great potential, and I've clocked up time with the programme, I don't think it's great having an open floor letting others fix problems unofficially! Open a PlayIt insider programme group It's bad news keeping an open floor, maybe to share experiences fine but not to fix individual issues, it sends out the wrong message about a company. You need to take ownership of the programme fault finding & delivering of the information unconditionally, I definitely think it could be a big seller here in Ireland once I've used it, tested it, and have confirmed full confidence in PlayIt. "The trick is to throw out the trout to catch a salmon" Regards, George Humphries.

Hi George,

Thanks for your reply. 

With each new major version a beta version is available for weeks before which allows users to download and evaluate the new features. This is announced on the Facebook page and group. Any reported issues are resolved and new versions are made available.

With the free version, if you need direct support - it is available, but will require a paid-for support subscription. There are 1000+ daily active users and would be impossible to support everyone for free alongside paying users.

I am happy to investigate issues where there are clear reproducible steps. I tried to reproduce the issue as described and was unable to find the problem.

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