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After update Playit live will not mute!

After an update sound from the playlist will not mute! The mute does not work on the computer for playit live only and the sound does not extend to the monitor I have hooked up. All other sound from music websites is mutable and extends to the monitor. I am wondering what could be set wrongly? Any ideas. Stan @ Radio Woyaya. I am using live 365 and the broadcast plugins are pointed to live 365 and function correctly but I have no control over the volume of Playiy live volume to mute so I can work elsewhere on the computer

Hi Colin,

Please check the audio device selected for PlayIt Live and that this has not been changed. It's possible there are multiple audio devices listed for the same output, one of which Windows is unable to mute.

Hi Jason, Yes, that was it. I updated windows at the same time as I updated Playit live. It reset my extended monitor for sound therefore I could not mute the computer. I should have checked that. Thanks for your reply on this forum. As a recent convert to Playit Live I am very impressed with it. As a musician and non tech person I am finding it easy to use and not intimidating. A nice learning curve and the forum will be helpful to check out. Keeping the music going on our live365 stream Radio Woyaya. Thanks for your help, happy holidays and a prosperous and safe 2021. Colin

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