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Failed to load remote URL "I think" is starting to look like a bug?

Hi all.

Remote URL failed to load problem.

I’ve been running a test.  

I’ve got a remote url running (Another station)  through play it, relaying in to my radio station, and the source station url running not through plat it live separately.  

This is the sequence of events.

Today at the top of the hour 10am, the hard stop triggers stopping the remote url, followed by two adverts from local files then back to the same remote url that was running before the ad’s and it loads fine, then three minutes later it drops the url and shows “Failed to load”  but the station source url running separately does not drop out at all. Only in play it. .   Is that a bug?  because this is happening daily, sometimes multiple times a day.

Can anyone help?


Rea. . 

Ps. .  Image attached 

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Hi Rea,

Please send your data and logs with timings of when you saw this issue and I can take a look:

Remote URL will fail to load if the server returns an error or the stream is 'not found'. If it was running for 3 minutes and drops, it will try to reconnect once again. If this fails when you would see the red error you are seeing.

This does not look like a bug to me - this is the nature of network connections.

Also, please do not report the same issue multiple times as separate topics - please simply reply to the existing topic.


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