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Remote url fail again.

Its such a shame.  Why on earth wouldn't there be an auto reconnect running like an encoder. I've just got back and we have had dead air for two hours.  What a nightmare! 
And, I've just read a post from two years ago that is saying the same thing. 
Question. Is there a way to fix this basic problem?  Its like having an encoder with no auto reconnect.  Is it a case where play it just doesn't see it as a problem?  Is there someone I can speak with please?  

Sorry for venting my frustration. 

Rea. . 

Hi Rea,

I'm sorry this does not meet your expectations. PlayIt Live requests your URL and if it is not found will advance to the next item. It does not know the difference between a URL that is 'not found' for one minute, versus one that is 'not found' ever. Consider the scenario where there was a retry feature on a URL which was never found - you would still end up with dead air. As explained in your previous thread, the recommended approach is to enter the URL, and place a backup song after, followed by the URL again to try again after. This allows a backup song to be played if the URL fails.

Hi Jason.

Thank you for your reply. I agree if the url was down for an hour then there would be one hour dead air, but if the url became available two mins later then it would reconnect.  Question, Why can't the remote url command be like a regular encoder and keep looking until the next command ?  (Say an hour later) 


Rea. . 

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