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Satellite Feed error

Several times Windows Updates have killed my SoundBlaster Audigy FX sound card driver on my PlayIt Live server. I have found a way to disable updates using the Windows Update Blocker tool, however when the sound card has a driver reinstall it ruins the clocks.

The clocks that reference the Line In for the satellite can't play the Line In until that item has been deleted from the clock and re-added.

It appears that PlayIt Live references the Line In by a unique identifier rather than the name of the Line In. When we have a problem with the audio card and need to reinstall the drivers, it damages all the clocks and they need to be set up again in Clocks and then the Clock Schedule needs to be Unscheduled then Scheduled.

Please review if there is an improvement to handle the re-installation of sound card drivers in a future software version.

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This should be resolved in the latest version now on the website:

If the driver/ID is not found, it will fall back to the device name.

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