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If a  file is deleted via the monitored holding file the holding file contents of the file is removed from the Playitlive folder but the file title remains within playitlive.

If you right click on the file in the Playitlive list of files (on right side of screen) to edit the file the RED warning band appears at the top of the screen W(warning that the file does not exist) d the only option is to then delete the file via Manage tracks to remove the entry.

This seems to have appeared in upgrade 207 or maybe I am  creating a problem for myself and everyone else that really does not exist?

Best regards


Peninsula Radio 

Hi Phil. Please ensure that the tick box for “Delete track when file is deleted” is ticked on the Monitored Folder. This was added in 2.07 in response to some users whose entire track collection was deleted if a drive or network drive was temporarily disconnected.

Many thanks Jason,

Just had to click on the check box (which had the tick in it anyway) and then confirm and  all is working ok again.   Whew that saved a lot of headache pill later this evening!

best regards


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