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Recent Windows update locks mouse?

Hello, a strange thing happened today after installing a Windows 10 update. PlayIt Live launches normally, but within a few seconds of trying any operations with the mouse, the display locks up. The system continues playing audio just fine, and other programs running (like Firefox) have no trouble with mouse actions. The only way to recover is to kill PIL in Task Manager and relaunch it. All is well again until I try clicking on something, then shortly after the first click the PIL display locks again. I read on the Microsoft site that update KB4586781 includes: "Updates to improve security when using input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or pen." I wonder if this is related?

I tried uninstalling the Windows update but my PC reports an error and is unable to uninstall it. I also updated PIL to build 2829 to no effect. Anyone have ideas?

UPDATE: I've solved the mouse problem by doing a Windows 10 Reset (reinstall). I installed PlayIt Live from scratch and copied over the C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\Playitlive.db database file and the audio files. All seems well. Also I temporarily paused Windows Updates, just in case....

UPDATE to the update. The mouse lockup problem has returned. I had created a Windows restore point while everything was working, and reverting back to that point has not helped. So I'm looking for help again.

Hi Tom,

I recently re-installed Windows on my desktop (on Saturday) and it has this update installed and I cannot reproduce this problem. Please could you explain in greater detail what is happening when the display locks up. Maybe a video showing this might help show it better. You can try sending me diagnostic logs which might help point to the problem using this tool (be sure to select PlayIt Live):



Jason, thanks for the response. I ran the Diagnostic Tool as directed. I also captured a movie of the issue and have uploaded the file to

A few things I've tried in the meantime. The machine was also running MalwareBytes, which I've uninstalled, thinking it may have quarantined an essential file by mistake. I uninstalled PlayIt Live and started a clean install. From there I imported a few tracks and successfully dragged them into the playlist and was able to move them around. I closed the program and copied over the backup c:\programdata\PlayIt Live files. Upon restarting I experienced the same mouse lockup when clicking on an item. Perhaps I have a corrupted database or other file in that group that I brought over.

Tuesday evening update. I restored a month-old database file, and all is stable. Although the Now Playing plugin is no longer available, not sure how to restore that. It would be preferable if I could get running on the most recent database so a month's worth of work wouldn't be lost, but I'd rather be stable than current.

Hi Tom,

This does not appear to be caused by a Windows update. The reason why this is grinding to a halt is because it is struggling to schedule any more songs - it is only scheduling Sweepers which, at 3 seconds each, take a long time to fill an hour. You have a Track Group called Main which has 440 songs, many of which by the same artist. You have a playout policy set up to prevent the repeat of tracks for 36 hours and not to repeat the same artist for 3 hours.

Experimenting with this, if you want a 3 hour separation of artists you would need to reduce the track separation to 14 hours:

14h tracks - 3h artists

18h tracks - 2h artists

22h tracks - 1h artists

26h tracks - 0h artists

There are 440 tracks and 131 unique artists. This works out around 26 hours of content. For every hour of artist separation you want, you would need to reduce the track separation by 4 (the average number of tracks per artist).

Hi Tom,

I see you have replied with another update. I would suggest restoring your old database and adjusting the playout policy for Main down.

To restore the Now Playing, go to Plugins > Plugin Manager > Plugin Gallery and redownload the plugin. You won't have to pay again as it will pick up that you have already purchased when you log in.

Jason, thanks so much for looking into my issue. I was able to copy across the most recent database files, launch PIL, immediately turn off Log Scheduler before I lost control, and adjusted the separation values lower as you suggested. It appears all is running smoothly now. And the plugin restored itself.

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