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Scheduling Tool on Tracks

I've noticed since the update of Play it Live that when enabling a sweeper for example to Start on a certain date and Expire on a certain date, this isn't working. 

I have had to manually change sweepers that were due to expire and haven't with sweepers that were due to be scheduled.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this. I've been able to reproduce this problem. It looks like the Expires/Valid From reference time is taken from the time when the log was scheduled, rather than when it would be due for broadcast.

This is a trivial fix, I will produce a new version and post an update soon.


Hi Chris,

I have updated PlayIt Live here: - please can you confirm that it resolves the problem.



Hi Jason,

Installed this afternoon, generated a log for 12am and it works splendidly. Thanks for the swift update and responding so quickly.


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