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Clocks Changing

Every time the clocks go forward or back, the first person in our studio the next morning has to restart PlayIt as it gets confused. Is there a provision in place for this ready for Sunday's clock change? 


Assuming you are running the latest version of PlayIt Live there are currently no known issues.

We are running the latest version but it's not clear hat will happen during the extra hour as it seems to be blank in the Clock Schedule.  When I click on the blank space it lets me add a clock but it slots in before the existing 1am clock and the second 1am slot stays blank.

What will actually happen at 2am tomorrow?  What should I do to make sure there is not dead air?

Hi Ray,

Let's assume we are talking about the UK daylight savings change where at 1:59:59am British Summer Time the clocks switch back to 1:00:00am British Standard Time.

By default, a recurring clock will repeat as per this screenshot:


You'll need to click in the slot beside 01:00, select your clock and select GMT Standard Time from the dropdown for the ambiguous time:


You'll then get the extra hour in the clock schedule:


If you are in doubt, you can always go to Manage > Playout Log, select the time range, e.g. 25 October 2020 00:00 to 25 October 03:00, and schedule items in advance.


You'll notice there are two 1ams. Click Schedule and that will lock in the scheduled items for those hours:



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Thanks Jason.  I understand now.  All sorted.

I'm so glad this was incorporated as I was wondering last night what would happen but at 1.55am BST, the log loaded a 1am GMT log and it was all seamless. I've got 2 other radio stations using StationPlaylist and I had to insert an extra hour of music on to the 1am logs.

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