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Microphone Mix PTT

I'm having a weird problem with one element of this plugin.

If I set the behaviour to 'Momentary' setting (i.e. mic on only while key is pressed) and use the MOUSE all works perfectly.

However, if I use EITHER the keyboard or my MIDI controller when I try to do the same the initial key press does activate the mic, but it won't then release (the little padlock to the right stays lit). The only way to release is to use the mouse again.

Some points:
If I set the mic plugin to the other setting - latched, push to activate push again to release - all three (mouse, keyboard, MIDI) work perfectly.
Using any other settings with keyboard/mouse/MIDI shortcuts all work perfectly.

I'm sure this is not a problem with my MIDI controller, it performs flawlessly in all other respects.
And I've seen on here suggestions (when using keyboard) to turn off auto repeat keys. I've tried that, no difference.
In what is otherwise an excellent piece of software this is frustrating - I have to assume this is a bug.
Can anyone offer any insight/advice?

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