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Cannot login remotley since update to 2.06

It seems that I'm unable to use any user accounts created after the update to 2.06 for PlayIt Live VoiceTracking from PlayIt VoiceTrack, same issue occurs when logging in from the web.

To confirm steps to reproduce issue:
1) Set PlayIt Live up for remote working
2) Create New user in PlayIt Live 2.06
3) Try logging on from PlayIt VoiceTrack (latest version) - credentials created before 2.06 work, afterwards the credentials are rejected
4) Try the same on http://(ip):(port) in a browser and same issue with the same credentials

Kind Regards


Hi Daniel,

I just tested the data you sent with the user you created and this works as expected. Please can you confirm the exact build numbers you are using for both PlayIt Live and PlayIt VoiceTrack (via Help > About)

All sent :)

Please can you create a test user and then send me the PlayIt Live data using this tool:

I can then take a look. Please include the password of the test user in the reference when sending the data.

Hi Jason, It was all done with PlayIt Live itself on the host machine (the creation of users). Kind Regards

Hi Daniel,

I can't reproduce this issue with the steps you have provided. Can you clarify your method of adding new users, is this via the desktop Manage > Users window, as opposed to the web UI?



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