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Play it live freezing up and totally stops playing the music it self

Play it live freezing up and totally stops playing the music it self  this only seems to be happening in the last week since the last TWO software updates were issues  

its a bit of a pain  if you not around to try and get mobile network to remotely access the pc  to fully close playit and restart it again


Hi JP. There have been no changes to the audio engine in recent updates, so it’s not clear what’s causing this issue. It’s not clear to me what the screenshots you have posted are showing. You are free to revert to a previous version from this page:

Hi Jason the screen shot were the first one showing it was playing fine then all track after that didn't play till the programme was fully closed and restarted again

what ever is causing the issue its like someone pressed the main stop button beside log scheduler

but there was  no one near the pc  this have happened everyday since last update  i thought there may be some bug that was causing it.

Hi JP,

I am still unsure what the screenshots are showing. Time is showing at 19:57 on the clock, but you are showing logs from 08:39 and 14:30. I can see some items were skipped - this is because of the fixed time marker. I can see items after the 08:45:00 fixed time marker were skipped - was there another fixed time marker in that hour?

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