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PlayIt Live does not start

I am getting this error message when I try to start PlayIt Live: "PlayIt Live encountered a problem: Current queue item node is null." I have submitted an error report but thought might raise a topic here as well.

 I am new to using this software and any help would be much appreciated, cheers

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me. After a few restarts, it started working again. Will use that link you provided if this repeats itself, hopefully not. 


Hi Jason, thanks for replying. No Windows updates were installed - I have since noticed, PIL boots successfully if I uplug the Channel 3 soundcard (it is the same model of card as in channel 2). I will check drivers, however all were updated 3 months ago at the same time.

Hi Dave,

This is not the same issue that Praveen is seeing, yours is an audio initialisation issue. I have had a look at the logs you sent, though. I do not know what is causing this issue with your sound devices. Were there Windows updates applied when you restarted? Please can you check your audio device drivers are up to date for the sound devices and that you then restart your machine.


Same issue. I've just rebooted the playout PC as part of regular housekeeping, but PlayItLive will not open. It gets to "Loading Initialising Audio" then it quits. Have downloaded latest version but no joy, same issue.

Hi Praveen. Please could you send your data and logs so we can reproduce this issue: . Please select PlayIt Live from the list and click Send

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